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Major Crimes

Required UC: 3 per episode
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Creaters:James Duff

Actors: Mary McDonnell, G.W. Bailey and Tony Denison | See full cast and crew

As the new series opens, the detectives in the Los Angeles Police Department's Major Crimes division are still reeling from the departure of Brenda Leigh Johnson and the realization that Captain Raydor is now in charge. Unlike their previous chief, Raydor is determined to lead the department with a more team-oriented approach, sharing the credit with the people with whom she works. Raydor's hardest job, however, will be gaining the full trust and confidence of her detectives, who aren't quick to forget her long history of internal investigations targeting them and their previous boss. Especially troublesome is Provenza, who has a difficult time taking orders from someone he doesn’t think knows as much as he does.

    Season 6:

  • S 6 : Ep13     By Any Means: Part 4   EUR    NA
  • S 6 : Ep12     By Any Means: Part 3   EUR    NA
  • S 6 : Ep11     By Any Means: Part 2   EUR    NA
  • S 6 : Ep10     By Any Means: Part 1   EUR    NA
  • S 6 : Ep09     Conspiracy Theory: Part 4   EUR    NA
  • S 6 : Ep08     Conspiracy Theory: Part 3   EUR    NA
  • S 6 : Ep07     Conspiracy Theory: Part 2   EUR    NA
  • S 6 : Ep06     Conspiracy Theory: Part 1   EUR    NA
  • S 6 : Ep05     Sanctuary City: Part 5   EUR    NA
  • S 6 : Ep04     Sanctuary City: Part 4   EUR    NA
  • S 6 : Ep03     Sanctuary City: Part 3   EUR    NA
  • S 6 : Ep02     Sanctuary City: Part 2 Free   EUR    NA
  • S 6 : Ep01     Sanctuary City: Part 1 Free   EUR    NA
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