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Mayans M.C

Required UC: 3 per episode
10 Your rating:

Creaters:Elgin James, Kurt Sutter

Actors: JD Pardo, Clayton Cardenas, Edward James Olmos

Set in a post-Jax Teller world, "Mayans MC" sees EZ Reyes, a former golden boy now fresh out of prison, as a prospect in the Mayan MC charter on the California-Mexico border who must carve out his new outlaw identity.

    Season 4:

  • S 4 : Ep10     When the Breakdown Hit at Midnight   EUR    NA
  • S 4 : Ep09     The Calling of Saint Matthew   EUR    NA
  • S 4 : Ep08     The Righteous Wrath of an Honorable Man   EUR    NA
  • S 4 : Ep07     Dialogue with the Mirror   EUR    NA
  • S 4 : Ep06     When I Die, I Want Your Hands on My Eyes   EUR    NA
  • S 4 : Ep05     Death of the Virgin   EUR    NA
  • S 4 : Ep04     A Crow Flew By   EUR    NA
  • S 4 : Ep03     Self Portrait in a Blue Bathroom   EUR    NA
  • S 4 : Ep02     Hymn Among the Ruins Free   EUR    NA
  • S 4 : Ep01     Cleansing of the Temple Free   EUR    NA
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